Substitute of Saliva: Cricket

No one knows how many days will we have to stay away from the game ?

Our lifestyle has been severely affected by the Covid-19. Some changes are good and some are very stuffy.

ICC should have to give saliva’s option before returning to the game after the Covid-19 crisis.

I think the use of saliva substitution is a better alternative to saliva to avoid the possibility of infection among players.

Saliva composition:-

Saliva consists of mainly 99.5% water, some amounts of electrolytes, mucus, enzymes such as Amylase, Lipase and Lysozymes.

Substitute of saliva:-

It consists of sucrose solution with water and some amount of carboxymethylcellulose and glycerin.

This solution can be used as a substituent of saliva for ball-tampering which will help swing the ball.

Shining the ball is an important part of Test cricket as it helps bowlers to swing the ball, both conventional and reverse.

Our next step is to make cricket easier for bowlers after this pandemic, by giving them some relaxation to use such type stuffs.

Icc must prepare a roadmap for the resumption of international cricket which will include criteria for decision-making and a checklist for what needs to happen.

One-day can be played easily by using two balls from each side after 25 overs, but the problem with Test cricket is how to make the balls shine and swing ?

So, whenever players come on the field after this pandemic, we will see a lot of changes in their habits like cheering and celebrating moments are one of them.



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