Solar Eclipse 2020 : Do’s and Don’t

Bhuvan Bhaskar Tripathi
2 min readJun 21, 2020


Solar eclipse is also known as Surya-Grahan. It is very popular among us since ancient times.

The position of Moon between the Sun and the Earth is called as Solar eclipse.

According to Hindu mythology, the Surya-Grahan is considered to be inauspicious. Therefore, there are many guidelines outlined in the Hindu tradition for all do’s and don’t. We should worshiping during the Grahan time.

Today, it is a coincidence after 200 years, that in many parts of the world a ‘RING OF FIRE’ solar eclipse will be seen.

Today’s the time of solar eclipse start from 9:58 am to 3:04 pm.

In our country, Surya-Grahan will be visible first in Bhuj, Gujrat at 9:58 am IST and it will be last seen in Dibrugarh, Assam at 2:29 pm.

Surya-Grahan will be visible in parts of Gujrat, Rajasthan, Haryana and Uttarakhand, while the other state like Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai will see a partial Solar-Eclipse.

Do’s during Surya-Grahan:-

- Patients can take their medicine at their regular time.

- Kids and old age people can take water or light food.

- Take bath before Grahan start and engaged yourselves into meditation.

- To worship or chanting mantra ( Gayatri Mantra or Surya-Strotra).

- You can also read Sunderkhand.

Don’t during Surya-Grahan:-

- Try to avoid feed during Grahan.

- Try to avoid unnecessary travelling.

- Don’t try to see Solar eclipse with naked eye.

- Avoid wearing dark colour cloths.

- Kids, pregnant women and elderly people should avoid exposure to the Sun.

Do’s after Surya-Grahan:-

The Surya-Grahan will end at 3:04 pm IST, then after that-

- You should take bath and cooked fresh food.

- Delight your delicious meal with your family.

- Enjoy your day. 😊



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