Depression : Death

Bhuvan Bhaskar Tripathi
3 min readJun 15, 2020

Thinking is good but over thinking is not.

Some pains can be visible or expressed but some are not, Depression is that which is neither visible nor expressed.

During our life we ​​go through many stages, some with good memories and some with bad ones. Sometimes we become winners, sometimes we lose, but at any how we should not give up our hope and belief.

We should think that it may be our bad time, but good times will also come. So, we must remain positive and try to motivate ourselves to deal with situations.

Depression is only a state of mood activity and ennui of activity.

It affects a person’s behavior, thoughts, feelings and health. Depression, lack of self-confidence, over-thinking and sometimes suicidal thoughts occur among people suffering from depression. It can be short term or long term.

Sometimes due to over-thinking people take small things very seriously and they feel that they are neglected by the people around them. But this is not true and this makes him depressed.

Many times people do not share their financial crisis with their family and friends, leaving them mentally weak and taking wrong steps which cannot be changed ever.

It can also lead to depression if you are from very rich and royal society and you fail to maintain your reputation or you have lost your fame.

People who are not interested to contact with society or shy people who avoid talking to others. Due to lack of interaction, they are not able to express their thoughts, problems and feelings to others, which may lead to depression.

The news related to the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput is really disappointing and surprises us all. One thing we can never accept the cause of his suicide is depression.

As we all know him for his smile. How is it possible that our Jack Of All Trades is depressed and takes such foolish steps.

Sushant Singh had inspired us that suicide is not the only option to failure, we should fight and keep moving forward in life. Then how did he himself take such a wrong step.

This is a high profile case, so we have pinned point on it, but the fact is that there are many other people who have taken this stance because of depression, but nobody cares about them because they are not a celebrity.

We need to think about why people take this stance, is this the last option?

Why do people lose their sense of mind, emotions, confidence and hope?

Can we help them get out of their situation?

Why do people not share their problems with their parents and friends?

Is our society responsible for their problem?

Have we become so mean that we will only remember people for our own purposes?

The question we should ask ourselves is why are we missing him today?